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Our growth plans and goals are substantial and ambitious. We cannot achieve them without a highly skilled and outstanding team.

At every level, we seek individuals who are diligent, intelligent, and driven—individuals who actively seek feedback and continually strive for improvement.

The opportunity to work at VFX means taking ownership of your role from day one. In a business founded by entrepreneurs, there is the potential for significant financial rewards.


At VFX Financial, we prioritise the interests of our clients, excel at problem-solving, and thrive on creating opportunities. We don’t accept limitations, and we believe in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

“ We cannot solve problems with the kind of thinking we employed when we came up with them ” - Albert Einstein


We foster a culture of continuous learning and self-improvement. We value transparency as a means to challenge and support one another.

“ The best investment you can make is in yourself ” – Warren Buffett


While individual creativity is essential, the power of teamwork produces the most exceptional results. We share responsibility for our team, our culture, and our business, cherishing kindness as our guiding principle.

“ Sweep the Sheds – Never be too big to do the small things that need to be done ” – All Blacks Rugby Team


We’re in a competitive arena, embracing the challenge, and taking personal responsibility of our business’s success through dedication and intelligent endeavours.

“ This is as much about battle as about business ” – Phil Knight


We approach our work with a sense of urgency, dedicated to achieving meaningful outcomes. We prioritise efficient communication, follow through on our commitments, and emphasise collaboration.

“ The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing ” – Walt Disney

Cristina Radu - Product Director
Cristina Radu
Product Director

“VFX embodies a warm sociable culture creating a collaborative environment that allows us to operate as a high performing team. Being surrounded by ambitious people who like to give their best every day and solve problems keeps me motivated and excited to come in to work each day.”

Cristina Radu - Product Director
Carlos Candeias - Engineering Director
Carlos Candeias
Engineering Director

“In VFX I found like-minded leadership, committed to using the most current technologies to put the security of our clients first and foremost. Building trust with customers is essential in our field. I personally believe our commitment to innovation will lead to an improved and more personalised experience for our customers.”

Carlos Candeias - Engineering Director
Jennifer Filipe - Project Manager/ Scrum Master
Jennifer Filipe
Project Manager/ Scrum Master

“VFX fosters innovation, collaboration, and personal growth, rarely seen elsewhere. Through the guidance of our dedicated leadership team and the support of my (incredibly) talented peers, I've grown both professionally and personally. VFX has given me numerous opportunities to excel in my role and contribute to the company's mission and it's a genuine pleasure to continue to strive and thrive.”

Jennifer Filipe - Project Manager/ Scrum Master
James Underhay - Senior Dealer
James Underhay
Senior Dealer

“I have been fortunate enough to work at some fantastic companies but can say unequivocally that VFX is the most proactive from a leadership point of view. The owners have created a culture of ‘challenge and be challenged’. This principle is at the core of the business and runs from the top down, nobody is too big or too small to contribute to the success of the company.”

James Underhay - Senior Dealer
Laura Rasanen - Finance Executive
Laura Rasanen
Finance Executive

“Working at VFX is equal parts exciting and challenging. No day is the same, and I feel like I am constantly learning and developing as a professional with the support of my team and the wider business. Our core values create a culture centered around teamwork and collaboration, which enables you to gain exposure to senior management and learn from their wealth of experience.”

Laura Rasanen - Finance Executive
Adam Holliday - FX Broker
Adam Holliday
FX Broker

“The opportunity to work as an FX Broker at VFX offers significant professional and financial rewards. Few businesses offer the opportunity to be trained directly by a leadership team that have previously grown a successful business and smashed their career goals. Working with a team of equally motivated and dedicated people encourages constant self-development and pushes you to be the ‘best of the best’.”

Adam Holliday - FX Broker
Laura Burr - Head of Treasury
Laura Burr
Head of Treasury

“VFX has given me an excellent opportunity to quickly progress with support from some of the most knowledgeable individuals in the FX industry. As a rapidly growing business, no day is the same at VFX and there is a chance to make a real difference within the firm.”

Laura Burr - Head of Treasury
Harry Smith - Corporate FX Broker
Harry Smith
Corporate FX Broker

“I decided to join VFX to sharpen my business skills while being mentored by two remarkably ambitious entrepreneurs and, quite frankly, to make some serious money along the way. It's an incredible place for anyone ready to put in the hard work and seize opportunities within a business that's currently riding the wave of rapid growth.”

Harry Smith - Corporate FX Broker
Aaron Packer - IT Support Manager
Aaron Packer
IT Support Manager

“I’ve been continually impressed by VFX's dedication to excellence and innovation. It's refreshing to work in a place where creativity is encouraged, and open communication channels are the norm. The team's collaborative spirit, combined with a clear vision for the future, makes me feel valued and motivated to excel. I'm excited about the journey ahead!”

Aaron Packer - IT Support Manager

We nurture exceptional talent through our excellent culture.

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